To Market, to market

April 14th, 2014 Santa Barbara welcomed The Public Market.   

Similar to Eataly in NYC & The Ferry Building SF, The Public Market (on a smaller scale) offering visitors a selection of Gourmet delicacies & artisan cuisine paired with exclusive wine and beer selections- hello, heaven! 

The market still seems to be working out kinks such as lines, communal seating and all over cohesive ambiance. 

My niece- Fiona (pictured below) is a BIG fan of The Public Market, bouncing  around from Rori's ice cream (their children's cones with vanilla are a favorite) to the french fries at Bel Campo.



Rori's Ice Cream Children's Cone

Granted she has a children's cone & I'm wrangling a double scoop, don't judge. 



Another all-star showing, Bell Campo's French fries as you can tell, Ms Fiona is a happy camper.



More roris (it's a frequent stop)


Quick stop at Granada Books then back to the market.