Things to Consider before launching your Social Media Strategy

When working with social media, there area a number of businesses doing well with monitoring, and engaging... There are also many who are falling behind or missing the mark. We've found the common X factor between the two is STRATEGY those doing well have one. 

When you take the time to develop a social media strategy you are more likely to engage your target audience, post relevant content and meet your benchmarks / goals. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to plan every post, tweet, instagram and facebook post. Rather having a clear overall strategy (think: roadmap) you and your social media / business is working towards.

Ask yourself these  KEY QUESTIONS before kicking off a social media strategy OR engaging an agency to manage your social media. 

  • Resources: Do you or your team have time to manage and engage all social media?
  • Budget: Time is money allocate X time per platform is there value in working with an expert?
  • Tactics: How, When, Where, Why, What... There's a lot more that goes into social media than meets the eye
  • Platforms: New platforms seem to pop up daily. What are YOUR key platforms. Where is YOUR audience?
  • Competition: What is the competition doing? Evaluate what people are doing well, and use that as inspiration NOT carbon copy!

Without a clear strategy and answers to the questions above, you may do well... Why roll the dice with your business? 

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