Hiring a Social Media Agency?

     When was the last time you spent the day at the office without seeing someone scrolling through their iPhone? Last month? People have become addicted to their phone's constant news feed, making social media platforms the newest marketing trend. But how does a thriving social media account come about? The company may have created the account themselves, or (more likely) they hired help from social media agency. If this is what your business has in mind, then prepare yourself before you hire an agency.  

Consider what you already know about your business. Are you small, large, an entrepreneur?  What are your strengths within and what have you done that hasn’t been so successful?  When you’re able to pinpoint these, the agency you hire is going to be able to produce the best results. Your history and experience with your business is something that a social media agency -- no matter how great -- won’t be able to obtain.  

So, ask yourself these questions about your business:

  1. What is your brand? What message do you hope to get across?  When your target audience views you, do you want them to perceive your brand as “hip” and “fresh”, or having a less creative, more serious tone? The agency you hire may have their own expectations for your business, so be clear on what direction you want to take.

  2. Which marketing strategies of yours have failed, and which have created the results you wanted?  Targeting your previous failures and achievements will allow your social media agency to identify which strategies they need apply to your business, and which to avoid. The agency you hire can only do so much research, and may not be able to pinpoint what directions you've previously taken that have been a flop. This saves both time and money, for you and your agency. 

  3. Be honest.  What realistic expectations do you predict?  Tell your social media agency what results you anticipate. Don’t assume they are on the same page, vocalize your expectations from them and you’ll see valuable results.

Putting your brains together to discuss strategies will be your smartest marketing move.