5 Hump Day Tips

It’s called “Hump Day” for a reason. With two long days until Friday, you find yourself losing motivation in the office. How do you fix the laziness? According to science, here are some tips to increase your productivity:

  1. The night before a busy day, create a to-do list of what you need to do when you wake up. Often, we stress ourselves out laying in bed, remembering what we need to get done the following day.  If you schedule your Wednesday on Tuesday night, you won’t be constantly worrying about what you're forgetting.  With an itinerary, you’re able to allow yourself the right amount of time for each task --- making the day much less stressful and more productive.

  2. Exercise. Studies have found that by doing physical activity, dopamine is released in the brain and can lead to that “runner’s high”.   Whether you take a run, walk the dog, or play a game of frisbee -- the activity has the potential to drive your determination for the rest of your workday.

  3. Continue to be a coffee-fiend.  Need another reason to feel guiltless for that fifth cup of coffee before noon?  Coffee has natural supply of dopamine. It keeps you and your brain on the go. So, pour that next cup when you feel yourself drifting off. Guilt-free.

  4. If you’re stressed, talk about it. Call a buddy. Call your mom.  Find an ear who is willing to listen. The longer you keep something stressful to yourself, the longer it builds up and prevents you from staying focused. Being able to talk about your own life leads to greater productivity in all areas.

  5. Find time for yourself!  After you’ve made that list of things you need to do, create a list of things you want to do.  If your planner is only filled with work-related activities, then you may crash and burn. Set aside time to relax and enjoy yourself. While Wednesday is in the middle of the week, it's also a day closer to Friday than yesterday. Enjoy your time and it’ll go by faster.