el encanto

Success starts before sun rise.

I have a confession, I'm a morning person. One of those cant sleep in, pop out of bed and  ready to go annoying people. 


Until the time change... 

With an uptick in work (so thankful for amazing word of mouth referrals) & recently launched Groupon offer I've been struggling with a productive morning routine.


Managing multiple social media accounts, my day starts with an iPad, scanning 100's if not 1,000's of messages, posts and trends. Following the advice of my talented Chiropractor at Thrive Studio, I begin the day stretched on a foam roller to alleviate the tension in my mind back (separate post on back health for entreprenuers). 

10 minutes of stretching, followed by listening to to morning news programs, reading emails (ranging between 200-600 somehow appear overnight) and creating my morning to-do list in Evernote

I frequently remind myself, "Success starts before the sun rise."  Keeping with that, before bed I always go through a mental list of things to be thankful for, repeat a personal manifestation (Separate post to come) and shut off ALL smart devices, phones, iPad, laptop, TV- anything that can distract my mind.  This aides in a deeper sleep and waking more rested and relaxed for a new day!

  • Warm water with lemon juice
  • 10 minutes stretching  
  • Daily to-do list  
  • Your favorite playlist (Cafe del Maré)

So, I've shown you mine... Now show me yours!

What is YOUR morning routine? 

UBER - Lyft vs. the Taxi's

Uber & Ride Share Apps.

Valued at about $18bn, the transportation network company Uber is shaking things up for the car service industry. Apart of a new wave of tangible technology which connects riders with on-demand drivers, the startup along with similar ride share applications suchas Lyft have been raved about by users yet criticized for changing cities’ long established transportationservices.


Ride share applications remain a highly favorable alternative to traditional taxis for a number of reasons. Payments are made exclusively through credit cards, the apps save your card details and charges for each ride and cancellation making the payment effortless. The service also offers riders a five-star rating system that the company relies on to fire drivers with frequently poor ratings.  Riders can share rides and split fares, as well enable friends to track the taxi so they map their whereabouts.


Ride share apps are now available in over 160 cities globally but several metropolis’s have already displayed their non support over the technology. In Berlin and Seoul ride share apps are banned for usingunlicensed taxis, while in London cabbies have organized several protests, accusing rideshares of stealing their business and paying insufficient taxes. In the United Sates however, riders seem to be winning the battle against the taxi industry as an overnight vote in Washington to ban Uber initialized a response of 37,000+ tweets, ultimately overthrowing the attempted Uber amendment. According to Uber’sCEO Travis Kalanick, in cities such as San Francisco and New York where the demand for transportation outweighs the supply, ride share apps are necessary and act as an “injection of oxygen”.


For good or bad, it is irrefutable that Uber and ride share apps are rapidly gaining ground. As taxi cartels attempt to hinder technology’s changes to the industry it is vital to ensure that riders are not denied their choice in transportation due to those who want to remain dominant.  As ride share apps continue to gain popularity, city policies and state laws will have to adjust in order to keep competition within the transportation industry fair.


-This Blog post was written by our TALENTED Intern Alessandro to learn more connect with him on linkedin 



Sunny Santa Barbara

Flipping through the latest issues of a few magazines with client mentions!

Pick up the latest issue of Santa Barbara Mag for a glimpse into The Public Market! 


C California Magazine

While waiting to board a recent flight to Scottsdale, spotted the  C Magazine Summer Issue featuring The Pasta Shoppe in the 'Around Town section'!  

Stop by & sample their latest handmade fresh pasta, combining farmers market vegetables, classic italian recepies in an open air kitchen. 

38 West Victoria Street•Santa Barbara, CA 




Walking around Santa Barbara

A lovely morning stroll through Santa Barbara captured via iPhone photos.


Stunning doors, I've walked past 1,000 times de la guerra street.


Fresh, handmade pappardelle pasta with oxtail ragu. 



A bite size McConnels cup at The Lucky Penny.



Fresh Beet & Kamut pasta at The Pasta Shoppe.


Social Media Giveaways

Recently, when asked about social media giveaways I found at a momentary impass....

To giveaway or not- that is the question.  

The Pasta Shoppe, recently launched a social media promotion. Encouraging customers to photograph their favorite Pasta Shoppe dish.  

When launching successful promotions do customers apprexiate gifted value (complimentary items) vs. public acknowledgement (highlighting pucture or social media handle)  ?

Have you entered a giveaway contest?  


If so, what motivated you & would you rather receive accolades or gift certificates? 



Photo via @eatlovepasta from @kpviolin 


To Market, to market

April 14th, 2014 Santa Barbara welcomed The Public Market.   

Similar to Eataly in NYC & The Ferry Building SF, The Public Market (on a smaller scale) offering visitors a selection of Gourmet delicacies & artisan cuisine paired with exclusive wine and beer selections- hello, heaven! 

The market still seems to be working out kinks such as lines, communal seating and all over cohesive ambiance. 

My niece- Fiona (pictured below) is a BIG fan of The Public Market, bouncing  around from Rori's ice cream (their children's cones with vanilla are a favorite) to the french fries at Bel Campo.



Rori's Ice Cream Children's Cone

Granted she has a children's cone & I'm wrangling a double scoop, don't judge. 



Another all-star showing, Bell Campo's French fries as you can tell, Ms Fiona is a happy camper.



More roris (it's a frequent stop)


Quick stop at Granada Books then back to the market.