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DIY Social Media Course for Small Business Owners

Are you a Small Business Owner looking to get started with Social Media?

Find yourself overwhelmed with all the social media platforms current and potential customers are using?

This DIY Guide to Social Media basics will help you get started, get confident and get posting. A proven method developed over years working with small business clients who were limited by budget and wanted to gain control of their online presence. With an easy to understand strategy (including checklist), cheat sheet guides to each social media platform and a spreadsheet for tracking results, you'll be a tweeting in no time!

It's all about the subscription... How new package offerings came to be

One of the big goals @MWQPR for 2015 is creating valuable offerings for small business clients. Those who are unable to work with an agency on a retainer basis, yet still need at minimum the essential Public Relations guidelines. 

During a creative session the team started looking at our lifestyle and how we expanded our knowledge base, wellness or way of life. Subscriptions, it is ALL ABOUT the subscriptions, the Gym, your cell phone, weekly mentorship groups, email lists, pod casts... You get the idea, thus we created 3 starter packages and continue to develop PR & Social Media subscriptions (release coming soon) 


Our first three packages include DIY PR, the basics for small business & one off projects, One & Done Social Media starter kit and Three Months of Social Media- get the social ball rolling. 

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