wine tasting

Sunny Santa Barbara

Flipping through the latest issues of a few magazines with client mentions!

Pick up the latest issue of Santa Barbara Mag for a glimpse into The Public Market! 


C California Magazine

While waiting to board a recent flight to Scottsdale, spotted the  C Magazine Summer Issue featuring The Pasta Shoppe in the 'Around Town section'!  

Stop by & sample their latest handmade fresh pasta, combining farmers market vegetables, classic italian recepies in an open air kitchen. 

38 West Victoria Street•Santa Barbara, CA 




Walking around Santa Barbara

A lovely morning stroll through Santa Barbara captured via iPhone photos.


Stunning doors, I've walked past 1,000 times de la guerra street.


Fresh, handmade pappardelle pasta with oxtail ragu. 



A bite size McConnels cup at The Lucky Penny.



Fresh Beet & Kamut pasta at The Pasta Shoppe.


Social Media Giveaways

Recently, when asked about social media giveaways I found at a momentary impass....

To giveaway or not- that is the question.  

The Pasta Shoppe, recently launched a social media promotion. Encouraging customers to photograph their favorite Pasta Shoppe dish.  

When launching successful promotions do customers apprexiate gifted value (complimentary items) vs. public acknowledgement (highlighting pucture or social media handle)  ?

Have you entered a giveaway contest?  


If so, what motivated you & would you rather receive accolades or gift certificates? 



Photo via @eatlovepasta from @kpviolin